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Ronald Shapiro

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Of counsel Ronald Shapiro brings a wealth of legal experience to Attorney Spiros Stavros Nicolet, as well as a nearly endless depth of knowledge about immigration law, and a passion for helping clients achieve their dreams of working, studying, or living in the United States. In more than three decades of exclusively practicing immigration law, Mr. Shapiro has developed a strong reputation among his clients and peers for providing high quality legal services. His experience and knowledge have been invaluable to the firm as we constantly expand and strengthen our practice, and make every effort to serve our clients' needs.

Practicing law since 1971, Mr. Shapiro specializes in assisting companies seeking to transfer employees and their families from countries around the world to live and work in the U.S. He focuses in particular on H work visas, L-1 intra-company transfers on behalf of U.S. employers, and H-1C visas for nurses. Mr. Shapiro also helps workers employed domestically obtain visas allowing them to perform their jobs in other countries around the world. He regularly helps clients with visa applications and other immigration matters pending with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and its local offices across the country, as well as at American Consulates worldwide.

Mr. Shaprio is an established and highly respected member of both the Illinois legal community and immigration bar. After graduating from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor of Science degree, Mr. Shapiro earned a Juris Doctor degree from DePaul University in Chicago. He is licensed to practice law in Illinois, as well as before the United States Supreme Court, and is a member of the Chicago Bar Association, Illinois Bar Association, American Bar Association, and the American Immigration Lawyers' Association. Mr. Shapiro operates primarily out of offices in the Windy City, where he represents mostly corporate clients in immigration and nationality matters.

Given his status as an accomplished and well-respected member of the immigration bar, Mr. Shapiro is often asked to speak in front of a wide range of audiences. He frequently takes the stage at educational and professional seminars throughout the country, addressing a wide range of immigration and nationality topics. Mr. Shapiro also regularly prepares training materials for corporate clients in order to keep them up to speed with developments and changes in these areas of the law.

As an of counsel member of immigration law firm Attorney Spiros Stavros Nicolet, Mr. Shapiro's guidance and counsel are integral to the success that the firm has had in helping clients meet their immigration needs, whether they are applying for citizenship, seeking a visa, or fighting deportation. Mr. Shapiro embodies the personalized, comprehensive approach to legal practice that is at the center of the way we represent our clients.

At Attorney Spiros Stavros Nicolet, our immigration lawyers are highly familiar with the legal issues related to various immigration matters, and we are dedicated to protecting our clients' rights while seeking optimal legal solutions on their behalf. If you are a local business seeking to hire foreign workers or a foreign national interested in obtaining a visa or citizenship, we can help. Please contact us online or call 773-562-6884 to schedule an appointment for a free consultation.

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Great results with my immigration case I truly recommend his service, and his staff are always friendly, thank you Spiro. Esvin Gomez
Attorney Nicolet helped me with my OWI (1st) case. He obtained very good results for me. I am very thankful. Leopoldo
Excellent Attorney! He explained everything to me so I understood. Fee was extremely reasonable. Mr Spiros went above and beyond my expectations for my case and was able to reduce my tickets. He is very personable and kind. Mindy