Juvenile Crimes

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As they learn about the world and gradually mature, children often make mistakes. Many of these mistakes are relatively small bumps on the road to adulthood, but sometimes they can be more serious and have a long-lasting impact. A child in Wisconsin may come into contact with the juvenile criminal system if they do something illegal under state or federal law. If you are a child charged with a crime, or the parent of a child charged with a crime, you will want to protect yourself or your child from the grave consequences of a conviction. At Attorney Spiros Stavros Nicolet, our experienced Wisconsin juvenile crimes lawyers stand ready to help you fight these charges. We will work tirelessly to exploit any weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

Children Facing Convictions for Criminal Offenses

Any resident of Wisconsin under the age of 17 is considered a juvenile and can be charged with juvenile delinquency for most of the common criminal offenses. There are many types of conduct that can expose a child to a criminal conviction, ranging from sex offenses and drug crimes to property crimes and battery.

Young offenders often commit relatively minor versions of these crimes. For example, among property crimes, a child might commit shoplifting or petty theft rather than burglary or robbery. A sex crime for which minors are often charged is statutory rape, which is based on the age of the other person involved and includes consensual as well as non-consensual intercourse. Or a child might commit simple rather than aggravated battery. Simple battery, best illustrated by a light hit or slap, does not cause the victim serious injury but is illegal because consent is absent.

All of these actions may seem relatively unimportant compared with crimes committed by adults, especially if you are a parent who spends time with your child every day. You understand their motivations to act in a certain way much more clearly than a police officer or a prosecutor would, and you may be more aware of extenuating circumstances. However, the reality is that a conviction for juvenile delinquency can lead to consequences extending beyond what you might imagine.

If your child is convicted of possessing marijuana, for example, he or she will not be able to get federal funding to attend the college or vocational school of his or her choice. Moreover, your child may struggle to even gain admission to an institution of higher education appropriate for his or her talents and ambitions following a criminal conviction. This can make the transition into adult life extremely difficult, complicating efforts to achieve the career and lifestyle that your child deserves. Parents in Wisconsin also may be held liable for $10,000 in damages based on a delinquent act by their child, which they may not be able to easily afford.

Contact a Wisconsin Juvenile Defense Lawyer to Protect Your Rights

Like other defendants in the criminal justice system, Wisconsin children have many rights to shield them when they are charged with an offense. You may not be aware of the wide range of options that these rights can create for you. But, at Attorney Spiros Stavros Nicolet, our juvenile crimes attorneys have compiled the experience necessary to assist you thoroughly and thoughtfully. We will analyze the details of your situation with care after a candid conversation with you, and we will craft strategies tailored to those nuances that target flaws in the prosecution’s arguments. Take a moment to call us at (773) 562-6884, or complete our online form to set up an initial consultation.

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